How to Renew Your Washington License? Step-by-Step

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The Washington Department of Licensing sends a notice before your license expires. In this notice, the WA DOL details if you can renew online, in-person, or through the mail. It also includes details of your renewal to help you get an understanding of what you’ll do.

Renewing your license is essential to continue driving legally. Renewing makes your license valid for another six years (versus the prior 5 since 2014). This goes for both the standard and extended licenses.

What is the Grace Period for Renewing a License?

You do have some leeway, 60 days to get it renewed. Yet, you may want to check the status of your license before making the trip. Contact your local DMV for more details.

Does everything look in order? Great! Let’s go through the steps to renew your Washington license.

Your Guide to Renewing a WA License

You have a full year before you need to renew your license. This gives you plenty of time to swing through a DMV. Otherwise, you can only renew your license by mail once you’ve received a notice.

You’ll have up to 60 days after the license’s expiration to get it renewed, too. Anything longer than the 60-days will incur a $10 late fee. Those with a suspended license must also clear any wrongdoing before renewing.

Here’s what happens when you go to the DMV (remember: this happens before getting a notice).

Renewing Your License In-person

Consider making an appointment, then head over to your WA DMV office to:

  1. Provide your driver’s license
  2. Pass a vision test
  3. Pay the fee
    1. Standard License: $54
    2. Extended License: $78
    3. Extension: $5 (if out-of-state)

You can use any form of payment through some counties, including a convenience fee. The final renewal price may also vary if you’re doing it late. This whole process shouldn’t take long.

Renewing Your License Online

Can you renew your WA license online? Yes!

There are two ways:

  • For Everyone: Through the WA DOL website
  • For Express Renewal: Using the License eXpress

There’s one requirement with eXpress: You must be between 24 and 70 years old. The WA DOL does make some exceptions though you’ll need to chat with them to see if you qualify. Otherwise, the process is like doing it in person with a few changes.

For everyone else:

  1. Visit the WA DOL site
  2. Provide your information
    1. License #
    2. SSN (last 4-digits)
    3. Personals
  3. Pay the renewal fee
  4. Print your receipt

You should receive your license by mail in about two weeks. If it’s delayed, give them a call to see the status of your license renewal.

Renewing Your License By Mail

Mail renewals are possible if you’ve received a renewal notice. You’ll file the paperwork and include payment addressed to the Department of Licensing. This will be a $54 renewal fee.

Send your information to:

Department of Licensing

646 Okoma Dr Ste E

Omak WA 98841

This process is largely the same if you’re renewing your WA license while out of state.

A Note about Expired Licenses

You’re wondering the, “Can I drive with an expired WA license?”. That’s a no. You will likely receive a hefty fine. Plus, you may have your license suspended or revoked. You don’t want that.

Those facing this situation should read our Suspended WA License Guide for more details about regaining their driving privileges, including what may have caused the suspension in the first place.


Renewing a driver’s license is an important task that should come with some peace of mind. We hope you now have a better understanding of how to complete the WA license renewal process, whether you are in-state or out-of-state. Good luck!

Just remember, if your license has expired and you’re caught driving with it, you will face serious repercussions. It’s best to renew your license as soon as possible to avoid any issues. Remember, safety first!

If you have additional questions about the WA driver’s license renewal process or other topics related to vehicle registration in Washington State, please use our website for answers and more information. We hope this guide was helpful and we wish you a successful renewal. Thanks for visiting DMVConnect!

For more information about other topics related to vehicle registration in Washington State, check out our website and blog. We are here to help make your license renewal process as quick and stress-free as possible. Good luck!