Wyoming Registration Renewal

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The Wyoming Department of Transportation (DOT) or your county clerk oversees your vehicle’s registration renewal.

You will receive a renewal notice before your vehicle’s expiration by mail. If you didn’t receive a notice, contact your local treasurer’s office. Else, you can renew without the notice but can’t do so online in certain counties because you won’t have the PIN.

Failing to renew your vehicle’s registration does not carry a late penalty. Yet, you will get in trouble if you decide to drive without it. It’s best to get it renewed if you plan to do any driving on state roads.

You can renew your Wyoming vehicle registration:

  • In-person
  • Online

You may check the status of your license by requesting driver records to see if there are any issues with your vehicle. Given you don’t have restrictions, follow along to complete the renewal process.

Wyoming Car or Truck Registration Renewal: Step-by-Step

To renew your vehicle’s registration in Wyoming, all you’ll need to do is take a trip down to your local WY DMV. Or, use their online system, phone, or mail-in option.

You will need to get a vehicle inspection (every year) to continue with the renewal process. You will get this done at a Wyoming vehicle inspection station. The inspection costs a flat rate or hourly fee depending on the station.

Ready? Let’s get everything sorted!

In-Person Registration Renewal

Do the following if you want to handle the renewal in person:

  1. Visit a WY DMV
  2. Provide your information:
    1. Option #1: Renewal notice and registration card
    2. Option #2: License plate number
  3. Show your proof of auto insurance
  4. Pay your renewal fees
    1. Show your IRS form 2290 if you have a commercial vehicle (55,000lbs or more)

Congratulations, you’ve completed the process!

Online Registration Renewal

Contact your local DMV or treasurer’s office to see if you are eligible to renew online. You can also tell if you have a PIN and it’s mentioned on your renewal notice.

You will then:

  1. Visit your county renewal site
  2. Enter your renewal notice PIN
  3. Enter your vehicle information
  4. Enter your address (on file)
  5. Pay your WY registration renewal fees
  6. Print your confirmation

You should receive your new documents in the mail a few days/weeks after it’s processed.

Wyoming Registration Renewal Fees and Taxes

You will pay a:

  • County fee
  • State fee

The county fee depends on the value of your vehicle whereas the state fee factors in its type and weight.

Your typical renewal fees include:

  • Passenger vehicle: $30
  • Motorcycles: $25
  • Trucks/trailers: $2 to $60
  • Commercial: $80 to $1,400

You can check with your local clerk’s office for specific details about your expected fees.

Congratulations, You’re Done!

You’ve completed the Wyoming vehicle registration renewal. Congratulations!

Keep track of your expiry date for when it comes time to renew again. Continue practicing safe driving, respect the rules of the roads, and be nice to one another. Happy driving out there in Wyoming!