Tennessee DMV Points System: Explained

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The state of Tennessee uses a point system to monitor driver activities and safety. In the system, a driver earns points for traffic convictions and infractions. These points may happen when behind the wheel or caused by driving-related citations and missed requirements.

Accumulating too many points can cause a license suspension or revocation.

The point value depends if you’re a teen or an adult.

  • Teens: Earning 6 points in a 12-month period
  • Adults: Earning 12 points in a 12-month period

The length of the suspension depends on how many points you have. An adult, for example, will have their license suspended up to 6 to 12 months if they reach this point threshold. A teen, for example, may have their license suspended or revoked for 3 to 6 months or longer depending on their actions.

So, how do you accumulate points in the state of Tennessee? See the section below.

The Tennessee Point Schedule Values

There are more than a few ways you can earn points on your TN license and driving record. We suggest you look at the full point schedule on the govt site. But, if you’d like to get a few common examples, then look below as these are the ones you’ll most likely receive if you’re not careful.

Speeding Point Violations

Here are the common point values you’ll earn by speeding:

  • Speeding (1 to 5 mph over): 1 point
  • Speeding (6 to 15 mph over): 3 points
  • Speeding (26 to 35 mph over): 5 points
  • Speeding (36 to 45 mph over): 6 points
  • Speeding (46 mph and over): 8 points
  • Speeding (less than the minimum): 3 points

Other Point Violations

Here are a few examples of points you’ll get from driving-related actions:

  • Failing to reduce speed to avoid an accident or for conditions: 3 points
  • Reckless driving: 6 points
  • Erratic or sudden changing speed: 3 points
  • Improper passing: 4 points
  • Driving the wrong way, side, or direction: 4 points
  • Improper turning or backing: 3 points
  • Failing to stop at a railroad crossing: 8 points

Removing Points from Your Tennessee License

Points do eventually drop off your record after a 12-month period. However, as noted above, you may have additional fees and steps required to reinstate your TN license caused by a suspension or revocation. You’ll also have fees associated with re-registering the vehicle or renewing a license.

In all:

Be careful when you get behind the wheel else you may earn points on your license. Too many points cause a slew of problems you don’t want to be held against you – especially if you rely on driving!