How to Make an Appointment With the Oregon DMV

A computer sitting on top of a paper saying 'by appointment'
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You can save time and trouble when visiting an Oregon DMV office by scheduling an appointment. Doing so will allow you to be served at an available DMV location in the time you select (permitting the space to be available, and there aren’t disruptions).

Making an appointment with the Oregon DMV is an alternative to using the state’s online portal or conducting your business by mail. In fact, you can likely get a lot more done by doing an in-person DMV visit since everything is there, and certain services are only available when you visit a location. However, there may be sparse seating available – so plan accordingly!

To get started with scheduling an in-person appointment at an Oregon DMV:

  1. Visit the Oregon Driver & Motor Vehicle Services website
  2. Use the scheduling portal to get started
  3. Input your details
  4. Confirm

That’s it.

You can cancel or modify your Oregon DMV appointment through this same portal. You can also find answers to common questions there on the site.

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