How to Register Your Car or Truck in Oregon

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Getting your car or truck registered in Oregon is as simple as filing the correct paperwork and bringing it to a DMV. This process happens whether you’re a resident or recently settled in the state. You will do your vehicle’s title at the same time as your registration.

You will register your vehicle at a local Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division. The renewal varies depending on if the vehicle was purchased through a private party or dealership. This registration process isn’t difficult but can prove frustrating if it’s your first time.

We’ve outlined the process, keeping it as simple as possible so you can get in, file, and be on your way.

Registering Your Car in Oregon: Step-by-Step

We’ve divided the car registration process into two categories:

  • Private sales
  • Dealerships

One thing to consider is that you must have auto insurance when registering your vehicle. You will provide your policy or policy number during the registration process. Check local insurance dealers or browse our insurance directory to compare deals in your area.

Registration for Private Vehicles

Purchasing a vehicle through a private party includes a title transfer. The ownership transfer is quite easy when both parties are present at the office. Otherwise, gather details and prepare to take a trip to your nearest KTC office.

  1. Go to your nearest OR DMV office
  2. Present your driver’s license
    1. Don’t have one? Learn how to an OR license
  3. File an Application for Title and Registration (735-226)
  4. Submit your vehicle information:
    1. New Vehicles: Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin
    2. Used Vehicles: Vehicle title
    3. Foreign: Form 735-6436, foreign title (certified, translated), meets U.S. regulations
    4. Reconstructed: Form 735-6511, salvaged title
    5. If applicable: Bill of Sale and/or Lien Release
  5. Show your proof of auto insurance
  6. Show proof of applicable inspections:
    1. Emissions (models 2009 and newer)
    2. VIN
  7. Submit your Odometer Disclosure
  8. Pay your registration, taxes, and fees

You will receive your new plates and registration on-the-spot.

Out-of-state OR residents can mail this information to the DMV headquarters (1905 Lana Avenue NE, Salem, OR 97314). This applies to military members, too.

Registration for Dealer Vehicles

Dealers typically submit paperwork on your behalf. You should receive everything needed after signing the lease or title from your dealership. If they don’t provide this service, get your vehicle documents and proceed with the steps listed above.

Typical Oregon Car Registration, Taxes, and Fees

Your standard fares include:

  • Standard title: $93
  • 2-year (passenger vehicles): $112
  • VIN inspection fee: $7
  • Single plate: $12
  • Two plates: $24

You may also pay local taxes and fees when registering. Check with your local DMV beforehand to understand your financial requirements.

Information about OR Emissions Testing

Those living in Portland-Metro and Medford-Ashland will have their vehicles inspected if:

  • Portland-Metro: Vehicles 1975 and newer
  • Medford-Ashland: Vehicles 20 years old and older

Other locations throughout the state do not need emissions tests.

Set a Reminder for Registration Renewal

Renewing your registration can vary when factoring the length of your registration (2 or 4 years). You’ll want to mark your calendar else wait to receive a notice when it comes time. See our OR registration renewal guide for more information when you’re ready.


You’ve successfully processed an Oregon car registration – wasn’t that easy?