How to Get a Driving Record?

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Driving records are required in several different situations. For motorists, driving records may be needed to verify the accuracy of a report, or employers may request them before deciding to hire a potential candidate who will operate a company vehicle. There are also different types of driving records, with each providing different levels of detailed information.

Get Driving Record By State:

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What is Driving Record?

A driving record, referred to as a motor vehicle record (MVR) or abstract of driving record (ADR), comprises publicly accessible records that pertain to a driver’s past. It serves as a comprehensive account of their history on the road.

How to Check Driving Record?

To obtain a copy of your driving record, simply request it from your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Checking your driving record can typically be done online, by mail, or in person. To access your driving abstract, refer to the list of local DMV offices provided above.

How Can I Look Up My Driving Record?

The information provided in your driving records should include:

  • Current driver’s license status
  • Any license endorsements
  • Any license restrictions
  • Previous traffic violations, including any DUIs
  • Current demerit points (if your state has a points system)
  • Any administrative actions that may have been taken against your driver’s license

What Does Driving Record Show?

Your driving record abstract will only show information that is considered public records under the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law. Suspensions and revocations, in most cases, will be displayed on the driving record abstract for a period of 4 years starting from the date the suspension or revocation was lifted.

How to Check Your Driving Records?

Each state offers multiple order options for your convenience. You can purchase a copy of your driving records at your local DMV by filling out an application and submitting payment, or you can also request the documents by mail. But the fastest way to ask and receive your driving records is to order them online simply.

Are Driving Records Public?

Access to your driving record is limited to individuals with ‘good cause’; it is not publicly available information.


A driving record is an official document that contains information about a person’s driving history. It typically includes details such as the person’s driver’s license status, any traffic violations, accidents, or points on their driving record, and any suspensions or revocations.

Obtaining a driving record involves identifying the relevant state or jurisdiction, determining eligibility requirements, choosing the method of request, completing the application, paying any necessary fees, submitting the application, waiting for processing, and finally receiving the driving record.