How to Get a New York Driving Abstract?

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Your driving records, or DMV records, are the state’s collection of your driving history. Your driving history can include anything from a vehicle’s registration and license status to point violations like unpaid tickets and more. You may also order other individuals’ driving records using the same process.

Getting your NY driver’s records can be done online, in person, and by mail. This short article shares how you can request driving records in New York.

Steps to Get a New York Driving Record

There are many driving record abstracts in NY:

  • Certified
  • Masked driving record
  • Non-certified
  • Title
  • Registration

Each shares specific details of your personal and driver information. The certified driving record abstract is the one you’re most likely seeking as this gives everything. On a certified, you’ll find personal/driver info, driving history, and convictions.

Others provide these details:

  • Masked driving: Doesn’t reveal information about the driver but contains license info, endorsements, accident history, convictions, and the like
  • Title: Shares information about the name, address, and any lien info on the title
  • Registration: Shares the information about the vehicle like the owner, expiration, etc.

You can request these documents through the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to get official, certified documents. Or, use third-party providers to get unofficial documents.

Below, you’ll learn how to request official documents through the NY DMV.

Driver Record Request Online

To qualify for online record pulls:

  • Cannot request another driver’s information
  • If your mailing address is outside the U.S.
  • DMV doesn’t have your information like current address or SSN

There are two ways to get the documents:

  • Immediate
  • Certified copy (mailed)

For immediate records:

  1. Visit MyDMV
  2. Create an account
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts
  4. Pay the $7 record fee
  5. Print your copies

For certified copies from the DM:

  1. Visit the NY records abstracts portal
  2. Enter your information:
    1. License #
    2. Document #
    3. Last 4-digits of SSN
    4. Email address
  3. Pay the fees
  4. Receive your copy in the mail

Driver Record Request In-Person

To get a driving record at a DMV:

  1. Visit your local DMV
    1. Click for our list of NY DMV locations
  2. Complete the Request for Driving Record Information (MV-15C)
  3. Show proof of identification
  4. Pay the $10 request fee

Driver Record Request by Mail

To get a copy of your driving record by mail:

  1. Complete the Request for Driving Record Information (MV-15C)
  2. Provide proof of identification (ex. Birth certificate, license, passport)
  3. Include a check or money order addressed to “Commissioner of Motor Vehicles”
  4. Send the documents to the address on the form

Found Something Wrong on Your New York Driving Records?

If you notice errors, contact your local DMV and inquire about the erogenous information. This may include the need to update your information on file. The driving record is a handy set of documents for many DMV and/or court purposes – so keep them nearby in case you need them fast!

In conclusion, obtaining a driving record in New York involves following a specific set of steps. By visiting the official website of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and identifying the appropriate section for driving records, individuals can access the necessary information and requirements.