How to Make an Appointment With the Florida DMV

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If you’re planning to visit a Florida DMV office, scheduling an appointment can save you time and hassle. This way, you can select the time and location that works best for you, as long as there’s availability and no disruptions.

Opting to make an appointment with the Florida DMV is another way to handle your business, instead of using the state’s online portal or mail-in options. Plus, visiting in person can allow you to get more services done in one shot since everything is right there. Keep in mind though, seating may be limited, so plan ahead for your visit.

To get started with scheduling an in-person appointment at a Florida FLHSMV:

  1. Visit the Florida Driver & Motor Vehicle Services website
  2. Use the scheduling portal to get started
  3. Input your details
  4. Confirm

That’s it.

You can cancel or modify your Florida DMV appointment through this same portal. You can also find answers to common questions there on the site.

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