Other Registrations in Florida: Cycles, Boats, and More

Other Registrations in Florida
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A boat is a thrilling prospect with Florida’s vast waterways and ocean access. Motorcycles offer alternative transportation for thrill-seekers. Though, sometimes you need to clear space with salvaged vehicles or need a rebuilt title after a major accident.

Florida’s HDSMV handles your alternative vehicle registration. This is what you need to know.

Florida Motorcycle Registration

Motorcycles follow a similar process as car registration, requiring registration within 30 days of residency and ownership. Bikers require a Florida Motorcycle License and VIN inspection.

Registering a motorcycle in Florida:

  1. Have your motorcycle license and VIN inspection
  2. Complete the Odometer verification (HSMV 82042) and Application for Certificate of Title With/Without Registration (HSMV 82040)
  3. Pay the $82.25, taxes, and fees

Dealerships will provide the state with the cycle’s title. Else, complete a title transfer, create a bill of sale, and pay application fees when registering the motorcycle. One can expect to pay $77.25 for a new title, $87.75 for a used title, $75.25 transferred title, and around $2.50 – $10+ for other, small fees.

Florida Boat Registration

There are some 65k+ square miles of waterways in Florida. Florida also has thousands of accessible coastlines for seafarers. A boat is an idyllic item for a Floridian, registering one isn’t difficult.

Smaller boating vessels are exempt from titles in Florida if used in private lakes, not motor-powered, or exceed 16ft in length. This means your canoes, kayaks, and rowing boats are fair game for an outing.

Larger, motor-powered boats require title registration within 30 days of ownership.

What you need with registering a boat:

  1. Proof of ownership
  2. Submit boat title application
  3. Pay the boat titling fees

Fees typically range from $5.25 – $7.75 for an electronic or paper title. Registration and renewal fees vary by boating class ranging from (A-1) $5.50 to (Class 5) $189.75. A registration service fee ($2.25) and FRVIS fee ($0.50) also require payment.

Operating a boat also requires a boating education card and photo ID.

Florida Salvaged Vehicle Registration

Those having experienced an unfortunate accident, totaling their car, must apply for a salvage title and certificate of destruction. The insurance company may provide these services, too.

The criteria for a salvaged car in Florida include:

  • A replacement totaling $1500 or more from insurance payouts
  • Repairs totaling 100% of the vehicle’s value
  • Repairs totaling 80%+ without holding insurance

An inspection and VIN verification are required if an insurance company is not involved. These are done via local tax collectors or verified members. Inspections do not apply if a new or an alternative vehicle is.

What’s next?

  1. File the Application for Salvage Title/Certificate of Destruction (HSMV 82363)
  2. Show proof of ownership and applicable lien satisfaction
  3. Pay the title and registration fees

Rebuilt titles are available upon showing the vehicle is up-to-standards for Florida roadways. Return to the DMV location bringing proof of ownership, title application, Statement of Builder (HSMV 84490), photos of the vehicle, insurance adjuster’s report, and paying the $40 inspection fee.