Florida Vehicle Registration Renewal: Step-by-Step

Florida Registration Renewal
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The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) dictates all drivers must renew their vehicle’s registration every year by 12 AM midnight on their birthday. Though, some motorists have exceptions with a 2-year registration renewal window.

The renewal opens 3-months prior to the deadline.

The timeframe provides plenty of time to gather documents and complete the re-registration. You will usually receive a notice telling you your renewal is coming soon along with details about fees, date, vehicle info, and renewal methods.

Car registration renewal in Florida is available:

  • In-person
  • Online/app
  • Mail

This re-registration does not apply to new out-of-state drivers as they require initial registration.

What’s Needed and Worth Knowing Before Re-Registering

Keep these in mind before you begin the paperwork or drive to the local DMV office:

  1. Proof of insurance is required
  2. Delinquent fees occur 11 days after the renewal period
  3. You cannot renew tags if you have a suspended license
  4. Fees vary by vehicle type, weight, and purpose
  5. You may renew tags out-of-state through the online portal

Note #1: Refer to our suspended license page for registration details.

Note #2: Florida’s insurance coverage requirements include $10000 (PIP) and $10000 (PDL).

How to Renew Your Florida Registration

Vehicle re-registration carries mostly similar processes for typical drivers to military personnel. Military members are exempt from delinquent fees. Someone may re-register on your behalf if they have the information.

These are the specifics when registering through the different options:

Renewing Online

Renewing online is the easiest option:

  1. Visit the FL GoRenew website
  2. Enter your driving information
    1. Driver’s license number
    2. Vehicle plate number
    3. Vehicle’s VIN
    4. Transaction number found on the notice
  3. Fill in your personal information (DoB, SSN, address)
  4. Confirm the details and pay the renewal fee

You’ll receive the registration tag by mail in about 7-10 days after completing the online process. The DHSMV also offers a mobile app featuring this same process for the on-the-go.

Renewing In-Person

Take a trip to the local FL DMV with these items:

  1. Renewal notice
  2. Driver’s license or ID
  3. Proof of auto insurance
  4. Funds for the registration renewal fee

You’ll receive the tag letting you place it in the parking lot, or later if you prefer.

Renewing by Mail

Mail renewal is available but slower so it’s best to send early – you’ll include:

  1. Renewal fee addressed to the county tax collector’s office
  2. Proof of auto insurance

It may take up to a month to receive your renewed tag.

Where’s My Renewal Tag?

You may check with the Florida DMV via: