How to Get a Florida Duplicate Title?

Replacing Florida Car Title
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There’s not much you can do with a car without its title, including selling, trading, or using it as part of a loan application. Florida requires you to replace a car title if lost, damaged, or stolen. You can get a duplicate title a few ways in Florida; this article will share how it’s done.

Below we will give you an overview on how to get a replacement title in the State of Florida.

How to Replace a Florida Duplicate Title?

Florida lets you replace the title in person at a local FLHSMV office or county tax collector’s office. Or, through electronic means and submitting documents by mail.

You’ll need the following:

  • Proof of ID
  • Odometer disclosure
  • Any documents pertaining to lienholders
  • Application for Duplicate or List in Transit/Reassignment for a Motor Vehicle, Mobile Home, or Vessel Title Certificate (HSMV 82101)

You will then submit a $75.25 title fee when processing the replacement request. This fee may increase to $77.25 for new cars. Or a cost of over $85.25 if the car was registered out-of-state. Expedited title services are available for $10 more.

The replacement process shouldn’t take longer than five days.

How to Get a Florida Duplicate Title Online?

Replacing or requesting a duplicate title is available through the FL DHSMV website.

The online portal offers the fastest way to obtain titles. The site uses an e-title platform to settle title liens and mail them once the transaction is completed. You will receive an electronic copy of your vehicle’s title.

Replacing a Duplicate Title In-Person

Replacing a title in person requires you to:

  1. Locate your local DMV office
  2. Bring the necessary documents and application.
  3. Pay the fee (check, cash, card)

Replacing a Duplicate Title by Mail

Replacement and duplicate titles are available through the mail. Provide the HSMV 82101 application, proof of ID, lien information, payment (addressed to the local tax office), and odometer disclosure. You may want to call your local FLDHSMV to verify that you have the necessary paperwork.

Transferring Your Florida Title to Family Member

To gift a car in Florida, you’ll need to sign over your car title to the recipient (family member). The recipient must then complete the transfer process. Below is a simple four-step process for transferring our title to a family member.

Step 1: Verifying There is No Lien on Title

Check for any outstanding liens on your vehicle before transferring the car title to a family member. In Florida, make sure your car is paid off before gifting it to someone. After completing your car payments, your lienholder should electronically notify the Florida DMV.

Step 2: Sign Over the Title

As the gift giver, sign over the Florida car title to the new owner. Fill out the Certificate of Title and mention GIFT by “selling price.” Note that “5 and 6” in the odometer section indicate the car’s mileage support, not the current reading.

You might consider gifting a car to be a kind gesture, but in Florida, it is legally classified as a private sale. To safeguard yourself as the gift-giver from any future liabilities, it is recommended to have a Bill of Sale signed at the time of transfer. This document will provide protection to both parties involved and ensure that the recipient cannot hold you responsible for any issues with the vehicle after the transfer has taken place.

The Bill of Sale form HSMV 82050 has sections for both the gift-giver/seller and the gift recipient/purchaser. It requires details about the vehicle such as make/model and Certificate of Title. The ownership status won’t be updated until the title transfer takes place.

Step 4: Gift Recipient Complete Title Transfer

Transferring the car title as a gift in Florida requires you to visit the local FL DMV with the gift-giver. Once there, you will need to wait in line and complete the necessary paperwork, including a Certificate of Title. Please note that there will be title and registration fees involved, as the car will now be under new ownership. However, you will not have to pay any sales tax as the vehicle is a gift.

Step 5: New Florida Registration is Needed

To gift a car, it must be registered so that the recipient can drive it legally. Title transfer and car registration occur simultaneously. The title proves ownership, while registration allows the car to be driven on public roads. The recipient must show proof of insurance with a Florida Insurance Affidavit form to register the car. New license plates will be issued since plates cannot be transferred when a car is gifted.

How to Fix Errors on FL Title?

Now is a good time to consider updating personal information such as your address. You will fill out the HSMV 82101 application accordingly with these changes. Provide updated proof of ID, utility bill, or insurance information to finish the changes.