West Virginia License Renewal: A Step-by-Step Guide

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The Division of Motor Vehicles oversees the West Virginia license renewal process.

The state will send a renewal notice about 90 days before the expiration date. You can check your driving records if you didn’t get this renewal. Typical licenses are valid for 5 years in the state’s “Drive for Five” program but your specific renewal may be different – so take note!

You may renew your license up to 6 months after its expiration without penalties. Waiting longer than 6 months may require you retake tests when applying. Getting caught driving with an expired license can lead to a suspended/revoked license causing a series of headaches (see license reinstatement guide).

West Virginia license renewals are done in-person at a local DMV of your choosing.

The following shares a quick and easy guide to renewing your driver’s license in West Virginia.

How to Renew Your WV Driver’s License

A valid WV driver’s license is required if you drive on state roads and highways. West Virginia auto insurance is a requirement, too, if you plan to operate your own vehicle. The renewal process doesn’t take long if you have documents ready and follow the steps below.

You will do the following to renew in-person:

  1. Go to a WV DMV location
  2. Show proof of ID, SSN, and residency
    1. West Virginia driver’s license
    2. S. birth certificate or passport
    3. Social security card or W-2 form
    4. Utility bill, W-2, lease agreement, and others (2 forms)
  3. File the Application for a Driver’s License or Photo ID (DMV-DS-23P)
  4. Pay the license renewal fee(s)
    1. Varies on when you’ve renewed or part of the “Drive for Five” program
    2. Usual costs are $5/yr. + $0.50 motor vehicle fee

Congratulations! You’ve successfully renewed your West Virginia driver’s license.

You may take this time to upgrade your license into a REAL ID.

A REAL ID designates your ID as “Federal Identification Use” or “Not for Federal Identification Use”. You’ll include extra details proving U.S. citizenship, residency, and personal information when applying. The federal use classification may take 60 days to arrive (you’ll receive a temp in the meantime).

Note #1: If you’re outside of the state, you can call 800-642-9066 and speak with a WV DMV clerk to learn of your eligibility for the renewal plus your options. This applies to military personnel, too.

Note #2: Non-U.S. citizens will submit proof of U.S. presence (ex. I-551 or I-327 form) and 2 documents showing WV residency when applying for their license renewal.

Become a Better West Virginia Driver

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