How to Register Motorcycles, Boats, and More in Alabama

Illinois Motorcycle Registration

In Alabama, other vehicle registrations is a must if they share the road with the usual cars, trucks, and buses. So, this article will provide information on how to register other vehicles in Alabama. The other cars in reference are motorcycles, boats, and RVs. Before you attempt to register a vehicle, make sure you have the title, registration card, and other documents you will need for the registration process.

Other Alabama Vehicle Registrations – Motorcycles

To register a motorcycle in Alabama, from where you purchase your motorcycle will determine how you go about the process. When you plan to take the trip to DPS, you must provide some documents to complete the registration. So, submit:

  • A copy of the title or Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin
    • Make sure the odometer reading was recorded
  • Provide a Bill of Sale
  • Copy of your temporary registration
  • A dealer’s affidavit if the motorcycle was bought in another state
  • Provide proof of insurance
  • Get a VIN inspection
  • Pay all the associated fees and taxes

Dealership Purchase

If you purchased your motorcycle from a dealer, you do not need to do anything. The dealer will submit your documents to the DPS. You will receive copies of the documents sent for your records.

Private Seller Purchase

When you buy a motorcycle from a private seller, it is you and the seller’s responsibility to register the motorcycle at the DPS. The titling can be done at the same time. To register your motorcycle:

  • You and the seller must sign the title
    • Include the odometer reading
  • Provide proof of insurance
  • Present the current registration
  • Pay all the applicable fees

Alabama Motorcycle Registration Fees & Taxes

You will pay fees for registration and title at the DPS. The costs will be:

  • $15: application fee
  • $15: registration fee
  • $10: vintage motorcycle registration
  • $15: late registration fee
  • Local county taxes and surcharges: varies by county

Other Alabama Vehicle Registrations – Boats

Not every vessel in Alabama requires registration. If you possess a vessel of any of these types, you must register it at the DPS:

  • Sailboats
  • Boats for hire
  • Mechanically propelled vessels

To register a boat in Alabama, you must do so within three days of you purchasing the new vessel. For a used boat, you have within 15 days if it is registered in Alabama. If the boat is registered out-of-state, then before you begin to use it.

Registering Your Boat at the DPS

For your boat registration, you must provide:

DPS Boat Registration & Fees

At the DPS, you must pay the associated fees in regards to your boat. The fees are:

  • Registration Fee
    • Class I: 16ft: $18
    • Class II: 16ft to 25ft: $23
    • Class III: 26ft to 39ft: $73
    • Class IV: 40ft and longer: $98
  • Replacement Fee $3
  • Transfer Fee
    • With Alabama registration: $3
    • Without registration: $3
  • Class V boat: $23
    • Application fee: $5

Other Alabama Vehicle Registrations – RVs & Motorhomes

The process of registering a recreational vehicle and motorhomes is the same as registering a car. So, if you own either vehicle, follow the process as if you were registering your car.