The Alaska DMV Guide - Division of Motor Vehicles Instruction Center

The Division of Motor Vehicles Instruction Center

The Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles oversees driving services in 19 organized boroughs and 1 unorganized borough.

At your local Alaska DMV office, you can get items like driver permitting & licensing, register or renew titles, request or maintain records, pay taxes, and more. You can access information when you arrive or grab copies and forms, filing them at your leisure.

DMVConnect is an easy way to navigate the Alaska DMV system without hassle (and having to take multiple trips in case you forgot something!).

We know going to an AK DMV can be a frustrating experience. Getting there is already a hassle let alone the potentially long wait times. Plus, let’s not forget the general unpleasantries we’ve all experienced when waiting in a noisy room just to find out you have the wrong form.

We did the work for you — compiling DMV info into easy-to-understand AK MVD guides.

Our driver guides and pages share Alaska DMV office locations, what to expect when going or using their systems, and how to complete different driving needs without it taking forever. It’s our goal, as our name implies, to connect you to the DMV in the simplest way possible.

Get Help with Alaska DMV Services

Whether you’re a new driver or need help with AK driver services — DMVConnect provides everything you need to save time and energy when dealing with the DMV. Those hitting the roads or simply updating their information will find our tutorials refreshing since we explain things to the point.

Our round-up of AK DMV services will help you master all things driving in the state.

Topics we cover include (but are not limited to):

  • Licensing & Registration
  • Traffic school & Driver Education
  • Driver safety
  • Records & forms
  • Fees & taxes

…and anything else you may need as an AK resident, out-of-state driver, or military member.

Plus, we share helpful AK MVC driving tips and tricks to ace driving and knowledge tests. You’ll discover forms and paperwork you’ll file in person, online, or by mail. We’ve done our best to keep the DMV information up-to-date – and we’re always improving the pages as requirements change.

Want the latest vehicle and DMV news in your state? We’ve got that in our blog. Plus, we’re constantly sharing resourceful tutorials to make you a better Alaska driver whether you’re taking to the roads, enjoying the backcountry, or cruising along the waters.

Looking to Find an AK DMV Office Near You?

There are many Alaska DMV office locations. Trying to find the best one to suit your driving needs can be quite a taxing task. We’ve collected all AK DMV locations in our directory, so you can compare which is closer, offer the services you need, and call ahead.

Each DMV office page includes services offered, Alaska DMV hours of operation, and contact details – letting you quickly get in, do your business, and be on your way.

Can’t find the information you’re looking for? We’re constantly updating our DMV guides and directory as road rules change. We’ve included a ton of helpful links and official resources so you’re never on your own. It’s our goal to make the most complete directory of Alaska driving-related information.

Do You Need to Make an Alaska DMV Appointment?

Appointments can be for licensing (car/truck and motorcycle) and CDL licensing and road tests though many items are available online – so check first! You can schedule through the Benson and Fairbanks offices. Or, use the main AKDMV’s online portal to schedule an appointment.

Other inquiries – like checking your wait times – can be found by calling your local DMV office. Use our AK DMV directory to find the one nearest to you and its contact details. We hope you’ll find that going to the DMV, now that you’ve been DMV connected, isn’t as difficult and annoying as you remembered!

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The following are all DMV Offices in Alaska

DMV Offices in Anchorage Dmv Downtown Anchorage Office Of Anchorage, Alaska
  Benson Boulevard Dmv Office Of Anchorage, Alaska
DMV Offices in Anderson Anderson Dmv Office Of Anderson, Alaska
DMV Offices in Barrow/Utqiagvik Barrow Dmv Office Of Barrow, Alaska
DMV Offices in Bethel Bethel Dmv Office Of Bethel, Alaska
DMV Offices in Cordova Cordova Dmv Of Cordova, Alaska
DMV Offices in Craig Craig Dmv Office Of Craig, Alaska
DMV Offices in Delta Junction Delta Junction Dmv Office Of Delta Junction, Alaska
DMV Offices in Dillingham Dillingham Dmv Office Of Dillingham, Alaska
DMV Offices in Eagle River Eagle River Dmv Office Of Eagle River, Alaska
DMV Offices in Fairbanks Fairbanks Dmv Office Of Fairbanks, Alaska
DMV Offices in Glennallen Glenallen Dmv Office Of Glennallen, Alaska
DMV Offices in Haines Haines Dmv Office Of Haines, Alaska
DMV Offices in Homer Homer Dmv Office Of Homer, Alaska
DMV Offices in Juneau Juneau Dmv Office Of Juneau, Alaska
DMV Offices in Ketchikan Ketchikan Dmv Office Of Ketchikan, Alaska
DMV Offices in King Salmon King Salmon Dmv Office Of King Salmon, Alaska
DMV Offices in Kodiak Kodiak Dmv Office Of Kodiak, Alaska
DMV Offices in Nome Nome Dmv Office Of Nome, Alaska
DMV Offices in Palmer Palmer Dmv Office Of Palmer, Alaska
DMV Offices in Petersburg Petersburg Motor Vehicle Office Of Petersburg, Alaska
DMV Offices in Seward Seward Dmv Office Of Seward, Alaska
DMV Offices in Sitka Sitka Dmv Office Of Sitka, Alaska
DMV Offices in Skagway Skagway Dmv Office Of Skagway, Alaska
DMV Offices in Soldotna Soldotna Dmv Office Of Soldotna, Alaska
DMV Offices in Tok Tok Dmv Office Of Tok, Alaska
DMV Offices in Unalaska Unalaska Dmv Office Of Unalaska, Alaska
DMV Offices in Valdez Valdez Dmv Office Of Valdez, Alaska
DMV Offices in Wrangell Wrangell Dmv Office Of Wrangell, Alaska
DMV Offices in Yakutat Dmv Branch Office Of Yakutat, Alaska