Oklahoma DMV Point System: How does it Work?

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Getting a traffic ticket is no big deal right? Not in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS) uses a point system to track your traffic violations. So, the more tickets you get, you get points in your Oklahoma driving records. Accumulating many points in a short period can result with your license suspension. You can also have it revoke or cancel if the violation occurs with damage to property or fatality due to a DUI.

Oklahoma Point System

Each traffic ticket conviction will result in points. The number of points assigned to a violation will vary. The less severe infractions have a lower number of points, and the more severe have the highest points. With the Oklahoma point system, if you get 10 points or more in 5 years, your license is taken away.

A violation that will add a high number of points to your driving record is a DUI. Here is a list of some common violations that will surely give you points:

  • 2-Point Offenses:
    • Violating a license restriction
    • Careless driving
    • Tailgating
    • Failure to obey a stop sign
    • Failure to stop at a red light
    • Failing to yield right of way
    • Speeding 1 – 24 mph above the speed limit
  • 3-Point Offenses:
    • Speeding over 25 mph
  • 4-Point Offenses:
    • Reckless driving
    • Failing to stop for a school bus

Suspending Your Oklahoma Driver’s License

The Oklahoma DPS will suspend your driver’s license when you receive 10 or more points within 5 years. The points accumulation can the result of many small violations or one or two significant infractions. One offense that will suspend your license is a DUI conviction.

The suspension of your Oklahoma driver’s license will vary. A first-time offender suspension will be less than a repeat offender. Also, the fine per DUI conviction increase for a repeat offender.

So, here is a breakdown for a driver’s license suspension if you accumulate 10 points or more within 5 years:

  • 1st suspension: 1 month
  • 2nd suspension: 3 months
  • 3rd suspension: 6 months
  • 4th suspension and more: 12 months

If you refuse to take a blood alcohol concentration test (BAC), your license suspension will be immediate.

Removing Points From Your Driving Records

The Oklahoma DPS will help you remove points from your driving records. However, you must follow the DPS requirements to erase the points you have. To remove 2 points, you must take a defensive driving course. Also, if you don’t get a ticket in 12 months, DPS will remove 2 points. If after 3 years without an incident or violation, all the points on your driving record are erased.