The Utah DMV Point System: Simplified

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The Utah Driver License Division (DLD) monitors the number of tickets you receive by adding points to your driving records. Each violation links to some points. The less severe infraction will result in the lowest number of points. If you accumulate a certain amount of points in a short time, rest assure your Utah driver’s license will be taken away. So, the Utah point system will keep you in check or else you will face hefty penalties.

Utah Point System

The Utah point system is a constant reminder not to commit traffic violations. Drivers have a responsibility on the road and must be ready to react. For a Utah driver’s license to face a suspension or revocation, the accumulation of a large number of points has to occur.

The total points for a suspension will vary for minors and adults. However, the duration for a suspension is the same for both.

Suspension for Minors (under 21 years)

  • 70 points or more in 3 years
    • License suspension for 1 month to 3 years

Suspension for adults (21 years and older)

  • 200 points or more in 3 years
    • License suspension for 3 months to 1 year

Violations & Utah Point System

Each traffic violation has points link to it. The points increase according to the severity of the infraction. So, here are some common violations and the points per infraction:

  • Texting and driving: 50 points
  • Running a:
    • Stop sign: 50 points
    • Red light: 50 points
  • Negligent collision: 50 points
  • Tailgating: 60 points
  • Failing to yield the right of way: 60 points
  • Speeding:
    • 1 – 10 mph over the limit: 35 points
    • 11 – 20 mph: 55 points
    • 21 mph or higher: 75 points
  • Reckless driving: 80 points

There are other violations not on this list. Look on the DLD website for the full list of Utah traffic violations and the points.

Utah Driving Record & Point System

The points on your Utah driving record will have a negative impact on you. A driving record is used by insurance companies, prospective employers, and government agencies.

Insurance companies use a driving record to determine what type of driver you are on the road. If you have points on your record, the insurance providers will decide if you are a risk taker and this can result in you getting a more expensive insurance rate.

Prospective employers can also request a copy of your Utah driving record. Most jobs that require driving wants someone with a clean driving record. Points on your record can become the deciding factor of whether you are getting the job or not.

The court or government agencies may ask for your driving record to take a look of your driving history. If you are a repeat offender, deciding for you can be more comfortable with your driving record.

Utah Driver’s License Reinstatement

If your Utah driver’s license was revoked, you could apply for reinstatement. Before you ask, you must complete all the administrative and criminal penalties. With proof of completion, you can apply and fulfill all the DLD requirements before you can drive again.