New Jersey License Renewal: Step-by-Step Guide

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The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Division requires renewal before your license expiration date. Your renewal is done in person at a local DMV. Or, you may “skip the trip” via mail for those who qualify. A notice is sent to those eligible to renew by mail, along with a renewal form.

How Long is Your NJ License Valid?

Renewing your license in New Jersey makes it valid for another 4-years. You will bring your 6 Points of ID, complete the BA-208 form, and pay a $24 basic auto-renewal fee when renewing. You will also have your photo and signature captured for the license during this process.

Renewal is available for those with valid driver’s licenses. NJ drivers can renew up to 6 months before the expiration date or 20 days after if it’s valid. Those with a suspended license cannot renew and will pay a $100 reinstatement fee before reapplying.

Ready to do your New Jersey driver’s license renewal? Keep reading and follow the steps below.

How to Renew Your New Jersey License?

New Jersey has a very simple renewal process online and by mail.

The state recommends renewing by mail if the option is available to save time and hassle. Extensions are available for those with medical conditions, though are expected to extend their renewal by providing the BA-208 form and documentation from a licensed medical practitioner.

Looks like everything is good to go. Let’s learn how renewals are done:


Consider making an appointment, then head over to an NJ DMV office near you to:

  1. Provide your 6 Points of ID and Proof of Address
  2. Complete the BA-208 form
  3. Pay the $24 basic auto-renewal fee
  4. Get your photo and signature captured

You will receive your new driver’s license on the spot, valid for another 4-years. This process is largely the same if renewing a non-driver ID but swapping the BA-208 for a BA-207 form.

By Mail

New Jersey will send a renewal notice sometime before your license expiration date. This package includes a renewal form and information about your license.

Eligibility is open to all besides those with a CDL or GDL with a suspension or visa restriction. Eligibility is void if you have an interlock device on the vehicle, too. Refer to the Skip the Trip document for answers to your frequently asked questions.

You will then do the following:

  1. Complete the form included in the renewal notice
  2. Include a check or money order for the typical $24 basic auto fee
  3. Mail the documents back to the attached address

You should receive your license about 10-days after receiving your receipt.

A Note about Suspended, Revoked, or Expired Licenses

You’re wondering, “Can I drive with an expired NJ license?”. That’s a definitive no since it’s no longer valid and there is no grace period. Driving on an expired license will likely result in a hefty fine and further headaches!

Those facing this situation should read our Suspended NJ License Guide to clear these issues.


To sum up, renewing your New Jersey driver’s license is an important part of maintaining safe driving. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the process so that when it comes time to renew, you’re prepared and can complete the process quickly and smoothly.