Other New Jersey Vehicle Registrations: Motorcycles, Boats, ATVs, and More

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Our other New Jersey vehicle registration guide collects the steps required to register vehicle types like boats, off-road vehicles, motorcycles, and more.  Did you mean a normal vehicle registration? We’ve already covered the steps to register a car or truck.


Follow along with each section to get your other vehicle type registered for the Jersey roads and waterways. These won’t take long – and are relatively cheap – you’ll be in and on your way in no time.

New Jersey Motorcycle Registration

Motorcycle riders will complete a registration whenever they purchase their ride through a dealership, private sale, or have it on a lease.

You have 60 days to register a motorcycle at a New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission from the time of its purchase or lease.

New Jersey has strict laws prohibiting motorcycle types in their state depending on if it’s bought through a dealer or private sale. Refer to the MVC approved list of motorcycles to see if yours is on the list. Get in touch with your local MVC if you have any additional questions about your motorcycle registration.

Registering a motorcycle in NJ includes:

You’ll need to get an inspection before registering if it hasn’t been or expired. Once you have this done, it’s a rather quick process:

  1. Complete an Application for Registration (BA-49)
  2. Show proof of ownership
    1. Manufacturer’s certificate
    2. Signed title
    3. A notarized bill of sale with title
    4. If Applicable: Lienholder information and finance statement
  3. Get and show your motorcycle insurance
  4. Bring and present your motorcycle license
    1. Or: 6-point ID
  5. Pay the $65 motorcycle registration fee
    1. Plus: Applicable taxes and fees

A dealer bought motorcycles are handled by the dealership. This includes the title, registration, and payments for fees and sales tax. You’ll receive a temporary registration until yours come in the mail.

ATVs, Mopeds, and Low-Speed Vehicles

Vehicles like ATVs require proof of ownership/insurance, registration with the BA-49 form, and paid registration fees. Snowmobiles are similar – not requiring a license. And, trailers under 2,500lbs do not need titles though still need to be registered.

Mopeds require:

  1. Proof of ownership
    1. Manufacturer’s certificate
    2. Title or notarized statement with its information
  2. Get and show your moped permit/license
    1. 15+ years old
    2. Valid license
    3. Passed the vision, moped exam, written test, and road test
    4. $5 moped permit fee
  3. Pay the $15 registration fee

Other low-speed vehicles going no more than 35MPH (and less than 50CC or 1.5 horsepower) needs a driver’s license, title, and registration if driving on state roads. See the NJ MVC’s list of authorized low-speed vehicles and requirements for specific information about your vehicle type.

New Jersey Boat Registration

New Jersey’s MVC also oversees boat titling and registration though you’ll also work with NJ’s Marine Services Bureau with the inspections and identification.

Titles are required for any boat with a motor, sailboats longer than 12-feet, and other types of motorized watercraft except for those 12ft and under (e.g. canoes, kayaks, etc). Registrations are needed for most vehicles with motors, out-of-state boats, and govt water vehicles, too.

Some boats require a boater’s license and safety courses if operating unsupervised. These classes offer a safety certificate. The certificate and license let you operate in fresh non-tidal waters in New Jersey. Call 888-486-3339 for more information about boat licensing.

Here’s what you’ll do:

  1. Show proof of ownership
    1. Hull Identification Number (HIN)
    2. Certificate of inspection
    3. A notarized bill of sale, receipt, or affidavit
    4. Certificate of Origin or registration
  2. Complete the Application for Certificate of Title for Vessel (OS/SS-27)
  3. Pay title and registration fees:
    1. Registration: $12 – $250 (depending on size)
    2. Titles: $60 or $85 (with/without a lien)
    3. Boat license: $18

You will renew your boat registration at least every 3-years in-person or online.