Washington DMV Points System: What is It? How does it Work?

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The Washington Department of Licensing does not have a point system. However, too many traffic violations will result in your Washington driver’s license being suspended or revoked. Also, you will pay large fees in addition to the violation cost.

To avoid this, make sure that you always follow the rules of the road and obey traffic laws. If you have questions about your driving record or any other DMV related matter, contact our team for more information.

Washington DOL Driving Record Violation System

Your Washington driver’s license will likely get suspended when the DOL records your violations on your Washington driving record. If frequent infractions are recorded, the DOL will inform you of the suspension. Some suspensions may require you to take alcohol and drug courses to reinstate your driving privileges. Some may also require you install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle.

So, if you receive too many traffic violations, your:

Washington Violation Systems

The Washington DOL will monitor your driving to ensure you are a safe driver. If you continue to break the law, the penalties will become more severe. Not having a point system does not mean your violations are not recorded.

All traffic infractions are recorded on your Washington driving records. Keep in mind that employers, insurance companies, and the courts can request your driving records at any time. If you continue to have violations added to your driving records, you can potentially lose a job opportunity or get high insurance premiums.

Also, too many traffic violations can cause you plenty of money. You cover the cost of an ignition interlock device. As well as the cost of drug and alcohol courses you must complete to reinstate your driver’s license.

So the best thing to do is abide by the traffic laws set forth by the Washington DOL to avoid any fines or suspension.


: To prevent any fines or suspension in Washington, you should practice safe and lawful driving. That way, you can avoid traffic infractions being added to your driving record. Additionally, it will save you money that would go towards any potential fines and mandatory courses that must be completed to reinstate your driver’s license.

Remember – to practice safe and responsible driving to avoid any penalties that may result from traffic violations. Be sure to check the Washington DOL website regularly for updates and changes in the laws and regulations related to driving.

Driving is a privilege that should be taken seriously – so follow the rules of the road, and you’ll stay safe on your journey. Good luck!