Louisiana Suspended License: A Reinstatement Guide

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There are instances in which you may unknowingly drove with a suspended license. Perhaps you forgot to renew your license or failed to pay a traffic fine. Whatever the cause, it’s in your best interest to resolve these issues before they become even more problematic.

Knowingly driving with a suspended license is a serious criminal offense.

Those caught may face the following depending if this is a frequented offense:

  • Extended suspension up to 3 years
  • Required jail sentence or community service
  • Fines ranging from $100 to $300+

Why a Louisiana License Gets Suspended?

There are many reasons a Louisiana driver’s license gets suspended.

These are the most common:

  • Conviction or arrest from a DUI/DWI
  • Drug or theft-related convictions
  • Street racing and reckless driving
  • Delinquent traffic fees or child support
  • Failing to have minimum insurance coverage

It’s best to talk with a legal counsel to fully understand the state’s decision and your rights. The length to which your license is suspended depends on the severity of your actions. Plus, the times caught when driving with a suspended license.

If it’s been suspended, you should surrender your license to your local DMV. Failure to immediately turn over your license may extend the suspension period.

The LA DMV may alert you by mail detailing:

  • Judgment overview
  • Length of suspension
  • Start date of the suspension

Check the Louisiana driving records to get a copy of your driving record for verification.

Reinstating a Suspended Louisiana License

Driver’s having received a license suspension notice may appeal to the LA DMV, given their offense did not include an alcohol-related offense. Criminal penalties will likely still apply. Consult your legal representative to better understand the appeal process.

The LA DMV shares a detailed report with every suspension notice. This includes what one must comply with to reinstate their license and driving privileges.

Reinstating a suspended license may include doing the following:

  • Complying and appearing to a summons
  • Paying the fines and reinstatement fee
  • Serve the probation or suspension period
  • Waiting for LA points to drop off the record
  • Serve the required jail time
  • Complete a drug and alcohol education course
  • Submit a vision exam (for inadequate vision violations)

Usually, you’ll need to take a full exam (written and road test) if your license was suspended for more than a few years. You will also need to pay any additional fines and fees associated with the suspension. Some individuals may need to get SR22 insurance depending on their offenses.

When you’re ready to reinstate the license – you will:

  1. Visit an OMV reinstatement office
  2. Submit suspension compliance documents
  3. Pay your applicable fees

Your fees can include a $100 (1st offense) to $300 (3rd offense) for DWI suspension. A $50 fee for refusing to take a sobriety test. And other suspension fees not including any criminal penalties you’ve accumulated because of your actions.

We recommend contacting your nearest OMV reinstatement office to clarify what you’ll need to complete when reinstating your license.


Reinstating a license can be a lengthy process. It’s important to ensure you understand all of the requirements to quickly and effectively complete it. Be sure to contact your nearest OMV reinstatement office for more information and any additional fees or documents necessary when reinstating your license. With the right preparation, you will soon have your license back in no time.

Good luck!