Mississippi DMV Point System: A No Point System

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Mississippi, unlike many other states, does not use a driving point system. Instead, Mississippi tracks its violation on the driving record. In this article, we will go into detail about how Mississippi driving tickets works.

How Does Mississippi Keep Track of Driving Infractions?

In other states, they use point systems to track driving behaviors and good standing. Doing certain actions will result in penalties and tickets such as speeding, driving under the influence, not carrying insurance, and more.


Mississippi will issue traffic tickets and citations while leaving notes on your driving record. An officer or court may pull your records to determine if you’re a negligent driver which may result in higher ticket costs and other fines.

Others that may pull the driving records include:

  • Insurance companies
  • Potential employers
  • Rental or property companies

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety (DPS) has the final say in what happens when you cause traffic, moving, or non-moving violations. This may include anything from tickets to a license suspension or revocation.

Tickets can range from a few hundred dollars to potentially costing you thousands. This may include the original ticket plus court fees and other damages you may have caused in tandem with your actions.

Your best course of action is to practice safe driving.

Respect the road rules when you’re behind the wheel. Pay attention to your driving and vehicle operation. Be mindful of your fellow drivers and their actions.

How Long Do Points Stay on Your Mississippi Driving License?

While Mississippi does not employ a points system, every violation is recorded on your Mississippi driving record, with most violations remaining for a period of 3 years. It is important to note that serious or repeated moving violations can result in penalties for Mississippi drivers.

How Does Mississippi Handle Out-of-State Speeding Tickets?

Mississippi drivers will continue to face penalties for out-of-state tickets as a result of the Driver’s License Compact. This interstate agreement facilitates the sharing of driver information among states.


The Mississippi DMV point system is a necessary part of driving in the state, but it is essential to remember that with this system comes great responsibility. Every driver should be aware of the consequences of accruing too many points or breaking the law while driving and make sure that they stay within the sound limits of safety.