Mississippi Traffic Tickets: How to Pay or Appeal Them

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Those having received a Mississippi traffic ticket have options in handling and paying them.

Most times, getting a traffic ticket means admitting guilt, paying the fine, and going along your way. Yet, some may want to contest their ticketing and judgment. Whichever your choice, you’ll need to either pay or successfully appeal these tickets else you may face fines and further penalties.

You can typically pay your MS traffic tickets online, in person, by phone, or by mail.

You will receive points on your license when you get a traffic ticket. You’re welcome to check your driving records for information about the status of your license and registration. Otherwise, we recommend contacting your local DMV or talk with a traffic law professional in moving forward.

Mississippi Traffic Fines & Penalties

The fines and penalties you get depend on your actions and vary by the court’s decision. Your actions may cause higher fines and penalties depending on how many traffic points you have, too. You may also need to pay late fees if it’s not dealt with quickly.

Examples of incidents causing traffic and safety violations include:

  • Reckless driving or racing
  • Driving under the influence
  • Failing to carry auto insurance

You may also get moving or non-moving violations like:

  • Running a stop sign
  • Distracted driving
  • Faulty vehicle

Mississippi doesn’t use a point-based system but, instead, keeps track of your driving. If you keep showing repeat tickets and offenses than this may lead to a license suspension or revocation!

How to Pay Your Mississippi Traffic Ticket

You have options when receiving a traffic ticket in Mississippi:

  • Pay the fine
  • Request a hearing

You still need to pay the fines by their due dates regardless if you’re contesting it.

Below, you’ll learn how to pay the ticket using the various systems:

Paying the ticket:

  1. Verify your traffic ticket
  2. Contact your local county clerk’s office
  3. Note their directions and requirements
  4. Pay your fines and fees

Paying your traffic tickets in Mississippi isn’t as streamlined as other states. That’s because every county and court handle it differently. Therefore, you should get in touch with your nearest clerks’ office if you wish to proceed with the ticket payment.

Hearings and When to Hire an Attorney

You may request to contest your tickets by hearing.

The process varies by your infractions, but you’ll typically have options in either reducing or dismissing the ticket. If you can appeal and reduce the ticket, you’ll pay fewer fees and fines in place of doing a payment plan, community service, or maybe receiving the reduction outright.

You may also appeal and contest the tickets out-right to which you’ll work with an attorney. You and the attorney will request the hearing, go through the discovery, show up in court, and react based on what happens during the hearing.

Some drivers may be eligible to take a defensive driving course or get their ticket dismissed depending on their ticketing circumstances and how they act in court.

What do we suggest?

It wouldn’t hurt appealing your ticket if you feel you’re not at fault or have grounds to contest it. Work with a traffic court attorney to find your best options, though. But, if you know you were in the wrong, accept what you’ve done, pay the fines, and try not doing it again (respect the road rules!).