Mississippi Provisional License: A Step-by-Step Guide

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The state of Mississippi uses a graduated licensing program.

The program includes three stages:

  • Learner’s
  • Provisional
  • Unrestricted

Teens and new drivers applying through the program will take a driver’s education and meet the requirements when applying for their permit. Once the driver has a learner’s permit, they can upgrade to a provisional license when they turn 15 or 16 years old.

In this guide, you’ll learn the hassle-free way to get this intermediate MS license.

Getting a Provisional (Restricted) Driver’s License

The provisional license is available to teens 15 or 16 years old. Out-of-state teens, 15 or 16 can submit a notarized application for their age-appropriate permit along with personal info (see above).

Driver’s education no longer becomes a requirement if you’re applying for a provisional license at age 15 and older. The teen, 15 an older, can skip the limited learner’s permit requirements. The provisional provides more freedom until the teen turns 18 and gets their unrestricted license.

A learner’s permit is held for 1 year before applying for a provisional license.

Meet this requirement and then complete the following:

  1. Visit a local revenue office
  2. Turn in your learner’s permit
  3. File your application
  4. Provide proofs:
    1. SSN
    2. Identity
    3. Residency/legal presence
  5. Submit school attendance or a notarized Application Supplement Under 17 (if under 18)
  6. Pass the driving test
  7. Pay the $11 licensing fee

The driving test grades how well you can operate the vehicle. You will be tested on all areas at the location. You may retake this test up to 3 times before waiting for 30-days if you’ve failed too many.

MS Provisional License Driving Restrictions

The provisional license lets you drive unsupervised but has a curfew:

  • Sunday to Thursday: 6 AM to 10 PM
  • Friday to Saturday: 6 AM to 11:30 PM

You are free to drive at any time if going to and from work.

Otherwise, a licensed adult must be present (in the passenger seat) if you’re driving outside the normal hours of the curfew.

Next: Upgrading to an Unrestricted License

An unrestricted Mississippi driver’s license becomes available once drivers hold their provisional license for at least 6 months. During this time, the driver shouldn’t incur traffic violations else they may have their application delayed.

Ready to upgrade the license? See our Mississippi Driver’s Licensing Guide for the full steps required when upgrading from provisional to unrestricted driving.