Mississippi Duplicate Title: How to Request One

Has something happened to your vehicle’s title? Did it become lost, damaged, or stolen? If so, you’ll want to complete the Mississippi duplicate title process!

There’s no telling what can happen to your title during ownership.

You’ll want to get the title in order if you ever plan to transfer ownership. This is your legal document showing you have ownership of the vehicle. Without it, you can’t sell it, donate it, or complete your vehicle registration or renewals – so make sure it’s safe!

How to Get a Duplicate Mississippi Title

Visit a local Mississippi Department of Revenue (DOR) office/location.

You’ll need to file the Application for Replacement Certificate of Title (Form 78-006) and pay a $9 fee to receive your duplicate Mississippi title.

Got a lien on the title? Have the lienholder file a Form 78-006 letting you request the duplicate title. You may also need a power of attorney if you’re not the owner when requesting.

Replacing a title in-person requires you to:

  1. Locate your local MS DMV
  2. Show proof of ID
  3. Show proof of vehicle ownership
  4. Submit your form
  5. Pay the application fee

Your Mississippi title replacement request is processed on location though it takes up to 4 weeks before your duplicate title is sent by mail. Make sure your license information is correct, so they don’t accidentally send your forms to a different address!

You may also include the form and fees, then send your request to:

Department of Revenue

Title Bureau

P.O. Box 1383

Jackson, MS 39201

You can request your documents within 72 hours through the Fast Track Program. You will submit a Fast Track Application for Replacement Certificate of Title (78-026) and include a check for $9 (title) and $30 (processing fee) to Mississippi Fast Track Title Program, P.O. Box 22845, Jackson, MS 39225.

You’re Done!

The title replacement process doesn’t take long (as you can see).

This is something you don’t want to delay as you never know when you may need to show your title. Try to get your duplicate asap to avoid any issues – and so you can keep showing ownership of the vehicle.