Mississippi License Renewal: A Step-by-Step Guide

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The Mississippi Department of Public Safety oversees the license renewal process. You will renew your Mississippi license every 4 to 8 years unless you have licensing restrictions. Non-U.S. citizens can renew their license every year or for the length of their stay (up to 4 years).

The state will send a renewal notice mentioning your impending due date.

The renewal notice shares information about your renewal. Call your local DMV if you did not receive the notice to get details (try to keep your information up-to-date to avoid these issues).

Renewals are done:

  • In-person
  • Online
  • By Mail

…depending on eligibility.

The following shares a quick and easy guide to renewing your driver’s license in Mississippi.

How to Renew Your MS Driver’s License?

A valid MS driver’s license is required if you drive on state roads and highways. You may renew your license up to 6 months in advance. You may also renew up to 1 year past its expiration but will pay late fees – beyond one year, and you may need to retake tests.

In-Person License Renewal

You will do the following to renew in person:

  1. Go to an MS DMV location
  2. Present your current driver’s license
  3. Pay the renewal fees

You can also find a kiosk near you to renew your documents!

Online License Renewal

You may renew your license online up to 6 months in advance or one year past its expiration.

Requirements for online renewal are:

  • Have a valid license
  • Be at least 16 and ½ years old (and a U.S. citizen)
  • Your last renewal was done in-person
  • Renewing a normal, Class D or Class R license

You will then:

  1. Visit the MS renewal portal
  2. Input your personal information:
    1. License number
    2. Last 4-digits of SSN
    3. First and last name
    4. Date of birth
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts
  4. Pay your renewal fees

You should receive your new license in the mail – in about a week.

Mail-in License Renewal

Mail-in renewal is reserved for:

  • Active military
  • Out-of-state residents (e.g. students)

Active military will:

  1. Include a copy of their license or social security card
  2. Please include a copy of their military orders
  3. Include a letter from their commanding officer stating:
    1. Name
    2. License #
    3. Military status
  4. Include a check for renewal fees
    1. Addressed to: “Mississippi Department of Public Safety”

Military members send their information to:

Military Renewals

Rose McKinnon

P.O. Box 958

Jackson, MS 39205

Those attending college out-of-state will:

  1. Include a copy of their student ID
  2. Include a notarized letter from the school stating you’re a student
  3. Include a copy of their license or social security card
  4. Include a check for renewal fees
    1. Addressed to: “Mississippi Department of Public Safety”

College students will send their information to:

College Renewals

Rose McKinnon

P.O. Box 958

Jackson, MS 39205

You will receive your license in a few weeks’ time (depending on when it was processed).

Mississippi License Renewal Fees

Standard fees for renewing a license in Mississippi are:

  • 4-year renewal: $24
  • 8-year renewal $47

Depending on how you renewed the license, you may also pay a $1 late fee, $1.50 postage fee, or online conversion fee.

Become a Better Mississippi Driver

Looking for more information and guides to become a better Mississippi driver? Check out our MS DMV topics, browse our DMV directory, or participate in the community!


The renewal process for a Mississippi driver’s license is relatively simple. All the required forms and documents should be gathered before submitting the application. Being prepared ahead of time allows the process to go quickly and smoothly.

Unless other special circumstances are present, an MS driver’s license can be approved and issued within days of completing the application and providing all of the necessary information. Keep in mind that most renewal applications will need to be re-submitted after five years, so it’s important to stay on top of renewing your license on time.