Ohio License Renewal Guide: 3 Easy Steps

Ohio License Renewal Guide

The Ohio BMV gives you up to 6-months after a license expires to get it to renewed. However, you cannot drive with a suspended license as this is illegal. You should renew your license as soon as possible else face a lapse in your driving privileges.

You may renew any time before its expiration date – usually every 4-years. Those waiting past the expiration date may see their license renewal length shortened to 3-years, instead.

You will need to renew your license in person at a local OH BMV (find one here).

How to Renew Your OH License

In-person renewals are available if the driver has a still-valid license. A license must be renewed in-person if it’s been suspended, lost, or became expired since you may need to retake tests done during the license registration.

Ready to renew your driver’s license?

Take a trip to your local office and:

  1. Provide your identification
    1. Full legal name
    2. Date of birth
    3. Proof of SSN
    4. Ohio residency
    5. Citizenship or legal presence
  2. Pass or the vision test (if applicable)
  3. Pay the $25.75 renewal fee

About the Vision Test

Vision screening tests are your typical fair measuring how well you see. These tests are done at-location, but you may submit one through an accredited provider. Those wearing corrective lenses will need to have them at the time of the vision test.